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We live in a world full of technology and, for many of us, our children understand it better than we do.  Parents may feel pressured by their children to provide them with a cell phone at an early age, but aren’t sure when children are actually ready for this responsibility.  

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Foreign Body aspiration in a Child.

It was evening about 8 pm, when I got a call from the emergency about a 10 year old girl with difficulty in breathing. She was urgently evaluated and was found to have a suspicion of foreign body in the airway, which means that she must have aspirated a small

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Pediatric Surgery is an Art…

A Pediatric Surgeon is a super specialist who operates babies from the age of day 1 of life to children upto 18 years of age. Any surgical problem in babies and children is taken care of by a Pediatric Surgeon whether it involves the chest (lungs / food pipe )

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A Doctor’s Life during Corona

Corona or No Corona , Lockdown or No Lockdown : The life of a doctor goes on. Everyday I get up , get ready and go to the hospital. Yes, even during this period of Corona pandemic and Lockdown. Life is, as it was for me before this pandemic. The

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Nephrectomy in a two year old child with PUJO

Nephrectomy in a two year old child with PUJO A two year old child came to me with complaints of failure to thrive i.e not gaining weight and a large lump in the abdomen. He aslo had high blood pressure (Hypertension). He was evaluated and was found to have a

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Metallic Screw in the oral cavity of child

Metallic Screw in the oral cavity of child A five year old child came to me with complaints of pain in the mouth since 15 days. He was treated for the same with pain killers by pediatricians but in vain. He was evaluated and a screw was found embedded in

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Esophageal Replacement

Esophageal Replacement A 4 year old baby presented to us with a history of caustic soda ingestion 3 years ago. The had caused narrowing of the whole of the esophagus (food pipe). A feeding gastrostomy was done with the help of whish the baby was fed through a pipe surgically

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Cystic Hygroma in a 4-day old baby

Cystic Hygroma in a 4 day old baby A 4 day old newborn presented to me with a large swelling (cystic hygroma : lymphatic malformation ) in the neck (as large as the baby’s head ) and another swelling in the right axilla. The swellings was tense and was causing

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The Role of a Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. M.M. Zameer is a PEDIATRIC surgeon par excellence , specialising in Robotic and Laparoscopic Pediatric surgery. Here he explains how and when one must consult a Pediatric surgeon.