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Airway Reconstruction for Congenital Tracheal Stenosis

A five month old girl, presented with a congenital heart disease (large PDA with small VSD). She was scheduled for surgery (PDA ligation). In the operation theatre, it was not

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Primary PSARP for Vestibular Fistula (without Colostomy)

A preterm girl (33weeks ) was born with an absent anal opening. She had a fistulous opening in the vestibule through which she was passing stool and flatus. She was

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We live in a world full of technology and, for many of us, our children understand it better than we do.  Parents may feel pressured by their children to provide

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Foreign Body aspiration in a Child.

It was evening about 8 pm, when I got a call from the emergency about a 10 year old girl with difficulty in breathing. She was urgently evaluated and was

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Pediatric Surgery is an Art…

A Pediatric Surgeon is a super specialist who operates babies from the age of day 1 of life to children upto 18 years of age. Any surgical problem in babies

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A Doctor’s Life during Corona

Corona or No Corona , Lockdown or No Lockdown : The life of a doctor goes on. Donned with PPE : Ready for duty. Everyday I get up , get

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Nephrectomy in a two year old child with PUJO

Nephrectomy in a two year old child with PUJO A two year old child came to me with complaints of failure to thrive i.e not gaining weight and a large

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Metallic Screw in the oral cavity of child

Metallic Screw in the oral cavity of child Screw in the Oral Cavity A five year old child came to me with complaints of pain in the mouth since 15

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Esophageal Replacement

Esophageal Replacement A 4 year old baby presented to us with a history of caustic soda ingestion 3 years ago. The had caused narrowing of the whole of the esophagus

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Cystic Hygroma in a 4-day old baby

Cystic Hygroma in a 4 day old baby A 4 day old newborn presented to me with a large swelling (cystic hygroma : lymphatic malformation ) in the neck (as

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The Role of a Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. M.M. Zameer is a PEDIATRIC surgeon par excellence , specialising in Robotic and Laparoscopic Pediatric surgery. Here he explains how and when one must consult a Pediatric surgeon.