A Doctor’s Life during Corona

Dr. M.M. Zameer
Consultant Pediatric Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgeon

Corona or No Corona , Lockdown or No Lockdown : The life of a doctor goes on.

Donned with PPE : Ready for duty.

Everyday I get up , get ready and go to the hospital. Yes, even during this period of Corona pandemic and Lockdown. Life is, as it was for me before this pandemic. The number of patients I see and treat now is a little differnet than before both in numbers and in types of cases. But life of a doctor goes on.

Even during the pandemic, children keep falling sick. Emergencies in children continue. New babies are born, some with congenital anomalies i.e birth defects. I keep getting calls that are you working, Is your hospital on? And my answer is Yes, please get your child / baby to the hospital and we will take care.

The fear of getting corona infection is there. More so for all of us who are in the forefront treating patients with corona infection and others who may be infected . But we as a doctor cannot and do not want to deny treatment to any child just for protecting ourselves. So we move on, with the PPE and continue what we do, continue treating babies, continue our surgeries.

Interestingly, after speaking to a lot of my colleagues I came to the unusual conclusion that we doctors are not worried of getting Covid infection and falling sick. All of us are more than happy to continue working and treating patients and doing what we can for the society. We are ok with the fact that we get infected treating a patient with Covid infection. For, it was worth it, we saved his life. But , the only fear is that we should not catch the infection and pass it on to our near and dear ones. We do not want to live with that guilt. So we wear all the protective gear , but carry on with our duties.

This infection is here to stay. We are going to serve you. Our only request is please maintain social distancing, wear masks and help us keep the infection under control.

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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